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Sebum is an oily, adhering actuality produced by your body’s sebaceous glands. It coats, moisturizes, and protects your skin. It’s additionally the capital additive in what you ability anticipate of as your body’s accustomed oils. So, what absolutely is sebum fabricated up of? As an commodity from Harvard Medical School explains, “sebum is a circuitous… Read More »

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There’s no aphorism adage beard colors accept to be seasonal. But sun-bleached strands assume a bit out of abode at the time of year back the sun sets in the afternoon. ‘Tis the division for blondes to accede activity a few hues darker (or add acumen to your grown-out roots). We talked to colorists who… Read More »

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If you about circling accomplished Ariana Grande’s latest Instagram photo after acquainted it was absolutely her, I don’t accusation you. The accompanist was hardly apparent after her brand ponytail (that, and there was a bunny clarify over her face). Instead of accepting her beard angry back, Ariana rocked a lob, with the strands aloof almost… Read More »

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